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Keno is played by people with love towards the combination of bingo and lottery and the excitement generated by the two games. Keno players will surely love to find out more about the game.

Everyone has heard it and almost everyone has once said the most popular casino saying “hit me”. If you have ever played cards, even the social types, these two words are definitely in your memory. Since the 9th century, during the Tang dynasty in China, cards are one of the most popular social and gambling games. Played with a deck or pack identical in size and shape, they offer excitement like no other.

  • The number of players in card games varies between one and two player games and two and multi-player games.
  • In the past, card games were the most popular way of socializing in the high society and nowadays they evolved into the most popular casino games.
  • There are hundreds of card games in the casinos, but most are variations of the three classic table games: poker, blackjack and baccarat.

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Baccarat – a Game of Chance

BaccaratOne of the main card games is baccarat. It is a game of chance but it has few simple rules. Every baccarat game has three outcomes: either the player or the banker has the highest score or it is a tie. The safest bet, which gives best odds of winning is to bet on the banker since it gives you 44,61% of winning. The only downside is that it requires a 5% commission, so be sure to have extra money in order to be able to pay it. Like in every casino, and in the gambling world, discipline is needed in order to leave the table with money in the pocket. The rule “leave the table when you have 1 dollar more than you have invested”, is the one that can be applied here. No system can beat the edge of the casino, so leave while you are winning.

Poker Face – the Blank Expression That Wins Money

Even Lady Gaga has a song for this popular game and there is a reason why. Poker is one of the most, if not the most popular card games. One of the main differences between poker and blackjack/baccarat is that you are trying to beat other players, not just the dealer. The popularity of poker increased largely in 21st century, with the introduction of online poker games. Some of those are free, and for some, you need to make real money bets. The variety of poker games is enormous, and it depends on the number of cards dealt, number of cards hidden, the number of shared cards etc. The game starts with a minimum bet, and after all the players have received their cards, the game begins. Poker really brings out the best of human emotions, and their sense of acting. A single blink can reveal your hand, and you will lose the advantages. And here is where the poker face expressions come in handy- if you can master the cold blooded, blank expression, you will have success. If not, you can always play for fun. Players reveal their cards when all the bets are identical or when they fold.

Blackjack – the Game of 21

BlackjackEven Nicky Hilton once said “At night when I can’t sleep, I play blackjack online until I get tired or I lose my money”. Probably the fastest way to lose or earn money is blackjack. If you get a winning streak, it is hard to walk away from it, but bear in mind; it is even harder to leave when you are losing. There are three ways to win in blackjack: get a score of 21 (blackjack), have higher score than the dealer but not exceeding 21, have the dealer bust. This is why many players count the cards. The idea is that when your count is high, you have advantage and vice versa. Therefore, you should know when you have an advantage and what your average payout rate is.